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Did you know you can bet on table tennis?

bet on table tennis

For balls, rackets and topspin, the online bookmakers listed above are definitely the best you can find. Some of you bettors, however, may have special needs and priorities, so we have come up with a second mini-list. In this one, you will still find the best tennis betting sites, but divided by category.

Worlds, Olympics and all major tournaments

Unlike all other sports, and benefiting in particular from being played indoors, table tennis does not have a season with a specific beginning and end, which is why table tennis betting sites can include it in their betting schedule practically all year round. Of course, there are some competitions that are more important than others, and on which the attention of the largest number of operators is focused. Among these, the Olympics, which is also the event in which this sport has the most visibility, certainly have a prominent place, as do the World Championships, which take place every two years. There are also important annual competitions, which we have included in the table below: the European Table Tennis Championship and its Asian counterpart are comparable to the European Football Championship, as a type of tournament, and are played at both men’s and women’s level, awarding the individual, doubles and mixed doubles categories.

The Europe Top-16, on the other hand, is comparable to the finals of the tennis Masters: it brings together the top 16 players in the European ranking, and is still the reign of Swedish player Jan-Ove Waldner, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, winner of seven trophies. Finally, the Challenger Series, which is played throughout the year from January to December, is the circuit that brings together the best hopes of the discipline, those who will become the professional champions of tomorrow, while the Liga Pro Moscow is one of the most prestigious and competitive national championships.

Are there any promotions or special offers?

Although tennis volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and therefore has the favour of bettors, we are certainly not talking about a sport that, in terms of catchment area, can undermine the primacy of football. For this reason, it is not very frequent to come across bonuses or promotions specifically dedicated to this sport.

This does not detract from the fact that betting sites on table tennis can provide periodic promotions, perhaps in correspondence with events of huge following such as the Olympics: this is what, for example, chooses to do the bookie present above. In any case, it is always possible to apply the welcome bonus to bets on this sport as well, and the same can be said for periodic offers on multiple bets.

Tennis betting tips for more sensible bets

We have already mentioned how, in general, it is always good to try and get as much information as possible about the event you decide to bet on. Of course, this also applies to a niche sport like table tennis, where you are betting on players you are unlikely to know very well. For this reason, we suggest you read these little tips for betting on table tennis.

Study the scores of the various players to find out whether they are better suited for marathons or short matches.

As in tennis betting, statistics are a reliable basis

In table tennis, breaks and counter-breaks are the order of the day: take them into account and bet live.

  • Under/over on the number of sets is a winning market if the players come from long previous rounds.
  • Look at the head-to-head clashes between the two players in the match to see who is the other’s black beast.

Will following these tips give you the certainty of a winning bet? Certainly not, because we are talking about gambling. Certainly not, because we are still talking about gambling. However, especially for niche disciplines such as table tennis, it is always better to be prepared when you place your bet than to let luck and chance determine the final result.

Table tennis: stories, successes and key figures

The events that led to the birth of table tennis, and its spread especially in certain areas of the planet, are fascinating and deserve to be known even if only for personal curiosity. In the three blue boxes that our technical team has prepared below we have decided to tell you about some of them: who knows, maybe they will be the fuse to ignite a passion for this sport based on concentration, technique and speed!

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